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The population of Italy is about 57,634,300 (as of July 2000).

This Web site has been created to bring Tariccos from around the world together in one place. As this Web site grows, we all will learn more about our family heritage by communicating with other Tariccos.

We are in the middle of rebuilding this website. Please check back in late 2007 to see all the changes.

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Date: 1.13.2013
Author: alessandro taricco
City: narzole,frazione san nazario
State or Province: cuneo
Country: italy
ciao a tutti .volevo sapere se qualcuno di voi ha antenati a narzole.a presto.
Date: 4.12.2012
Author: Mario Taricco
City: Albisola Superiore
State or Province: Savona
Country: Italy
Saluti a tutti i Taricco del mondo
Date: 10.19.2010
Author: Luciana Taricco
City: São Paulo
State or Province: São Paulo
Country: Brasil
Hello from Brazil.
Date: 12.19.2008
Author: shams sadek
City: Bagshot
State or Province: Surrrey
Country: UK
Hello to the Taricco family Worldwide. My friend Walid/Waleed from Egypt married Claudia Taricco approx twenty years ago. To my knowledge, they had three daughters and lived in Lequio Tanaro Northern Italy. If anyone out there knows his whereabouts, please pass my details to him as I have lost touch with the fellow and it would be great to catch up and finally meet Claudia and their three daughters (maybe more)
Thank you in advance &
God Bless and have a Great 2008 Christmas all

Mr / Shams
Tel: 0208 738 8785 - UK
Date: 10.10.2008
Author: Nolen Elizabeth Taricco
City: Prattville
State or Province: Alabama
Country: USA
I'm Nolen Taricco and my sister, Sara Taricco, said that she found a website that you made. So, I googled it and ta da! I'm 16 and my family is from northern Italy.

Riley is so cute Adam! I can't wait to see her! Say hi to Papa, Mimi, and Nikki for me!
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